Choosing the perfect gift for a loved one or an everyday acquaintance is a daunting task, especially when ensuring it will bring about happiness instead of disappointment. 

If you’re like most people, the last thing you want to see is your friend’s face fall as they unwrap a present that is far from their preferences, leaving them questioning if you even know them. Fortunately, you can avoid this scenario by choosing an artificial plant as a gift. 

As these versatile products require no maintenance and fit any lifestyle, you can rest easy knowing you’ve gifted something thoughtful that’s sure to bring a smile to the person’s face and liven up their space. 

But which types of people would most appreciate an artificial plant? Let’s talk about it!

Who Would Benefit From Artificial Greenery?

Maybe the question should be - who wouldn’t benefit from artificial greenery?

benefits of fake plants

As a practical and cost-effective way to add the beauty of nature into any space without the need for constant care or maintenance, artificial plants can be a godsend. But even though they can enhance anyone’s life, 5 types of people would especially appreciate the benefits of faux greenery:

Allergy-Ridden Friends

People plagued by allergies might benefit most from artificial greenery. For many, live plants and gardens can be a source of discomfort and frustration, as they trigger a spiral of sneezing and coughing fits, making it difficult to enjoy the intricate beauty of plants. 

As a result, a lifelike artificial green wall can provide an excellent alternative and offer the same aesthetic advantages without permeating the air with dust and pollen. This option gives you all the good without the bad and helps you rid yourself of itchy eyes and runny noses. 

Apartment Dwellers

Living in an apartment often means limited access to outdoor spaces. But besides this, it could also mean less light. Unfortunately, apartments without big balconies (or any balconies at all) may often lack natural light, which in turn, makes it almost impossible to grow live plants. 

In such cases, artificial plants are an exceptional solution, as they don’t need direct sunlight to thrive and couldn’t care less about how small your apartment is. They’ll love you for all you have to offer, no matter how little that is!

Even if you don’t have space for large, show-stopping products, a small but stunning faux wall disc can still add significant visual interest to a room. 


The average American works 38.7 hours per week, but we all know someone who’s chained to their desk for longer. For those with busy lives, it can be challenging at best and impossible at worst to find the time to care for live plants. And the last thing you want to see after coming home from a tough day at work is wilting greenery. 

So, artificial foliage can be the perfect middle ground - injecting your space with the tranquility of nature while helping you bypass maintenance. Plus, being in proximity to greenery, even compact fake green wall discs, can greatly reduce stress and increase productivity, so long work days don’t weigh on your shoulders after leaving the office. 


As people age, mobility will often become an issue and complicate daily routines. If you’re thinking about a particular elderly loved one and want to brighten their day, grab an artificial flower or pre-shaped faux topiary and watch their eyes light up as they look upon the beauty.

A gift like this will amplify the serenity of the space and strip the residents of arduous responsibilities to the tune of watering or pruning leaves and branches. Plus, fake plants may evoke a sense of nostalgia in older individuals with fond memories of tending to live plants in the past, adding to their emotional value.  

Plant Killers

Serial plant killers shouldn’t feel discouraged by their inability to keep real plants alive, as some simply don’t have a green thumb. No matter how much they water, love, and care for a plant, it still dies. But artificial plants are impervious to a lack of attention and can offer plant killers the aesthetics of owning greenery without the added stress of keeping it alive. 

So, even if you have a murky history of killing your plants, don’t worry! Nowadays, you can enjoy all the benefits of an indoor garden and effortlessly add some life to your surroundings to improve the ambiance. 

Finishing Thoughts

All in all, artificial plants are the ideal gift for anyone seeking an indoor oasis that thrives independently and with minimal effort. Whether they suffer from allergies, lead busy lives, or live in dimly-lit areas, fake foliage facilitates motivation and productivity in any kind of individual. 

In any case, greenery is a welcome addition to any space and brings nature into our everyday lives, so why are you still thinking about it?